Feature :: Outer Sunset

Yesterday, my friend and I jammed up to the city to explore the Outer Sunset. We had both stumbled upon Trouble Coffee Company maybe a year or two ago while waiting to eat brunch at Outerlands (Ever been? The line for weekend brunch gets so crazy they recommend you go down the street to Trouble for coffee and a snack. Food is great but not sure it’s worth the wait; go for lunch during the week if you can.) and always wanted to return. Not only is it a great space (very small, beautiful wooden cafe, quirky-hipster-cool decorations) that serves great coffee, but they do two very special things: serve whole coconuts and the best cinnamon/butter/sugar toast you’ll ever have. See pics below.

Other Outer Sunset gems:

  • General Store (Unique clothing, jewelry, cards, granola in mason jars, books, candles, etc.)
  • Beachside Coffee Bar & Kitchen (Haven’t eaten there yet, on my list!)
  • Java Beach Cafe (Again, on my list, but looks great. bagels, sandwiches, pie, coffee, etc. All can be consumed directly across from the beach.)
  • Ocean Beach (It’s a beach. In San Francisco. When it’s sunny and not windy it’s amazing. The end.)

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