Today’s Must Reads

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights plus the full transcript of Obama’s inaugural address: Obama Inauguration Speech Highlights Gay Rights, Immigration Reform, Renewable Energy and the Middle Class. If you don’t feel the need to read the full transcript, watch this highlight video or read these excerpts. If you really don’t feel like exerting mental effort, take a look at TIME Magazine’s Instagram for some photos.

Plus, The New York Times‘ editorial on the address, Obama’s “principles and priorities,” and his second term: President Barack Obama

And some more detailed analysis of his promise to act on the “threat” of climate change (interesting word choice, no?): Speech Gives Climate Goals Center Stage

Big jump over to an NPR piece on the 20th anniversary of Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ and the real, deeper meaning of rap and hip-hop (which, many argue, the industry has lost since then): ‘The Chronic’ 20 Years Later: An Audio Document of the L.A. Riots

In other musical analysis, Sasha Frere-Jones of the New Yorker on the S.S. Coachella (Coachella, except aboard a massive cruise ship): Rocking the Boat

And for all you twentysomethings out there, an interesting read:  Semi-Charmed Life (The twentysomethings are all right.)

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