Food Feature :: Morimoto


As I mentioned earlier, a birthday gift Gilt voucher to dinner at Morimoto in Napa prompted me to head up for a day and night. I was really excited about dinner — Morimoto is supposed to be awesome — but wasn’t 100 percent sure what I would actually be eating. The voucher said something like soup or salad, bento box with chef’s choice sushi/nigiri, sake flight and dessert trio. So I was thinking it would be all of those things to share between two people, and maybe we’d order one or two other items off the menu to get the full experience. Well, turns out the people at Morimoto had never seen the Gilt voucher before and got a bit confused…they ended up serving my boyfriend and I double what they were supposed to. So we each got our own flight of four sakes (delicious), one giant house salad (unreal, with some ginger citrus salad dressing, radishes & pomegranate seeds), a bento box on crack (three by three box with samplers of pretty much all of the best appetizers on the menu), eight pieces of nigiri (melt-in-your-mouth fresh) and three mini desserts. We thought the cracked out bento box was it and we were happy campers, and then they brought out the nigiri. We were pretty confused but weren’t about to say anything! Our waitress let us know after the nigiri came that they had made a mistake and served us double the amount that the voucher was good for, but it was on them so to basically enjoy the rest of the meal. It was epic.

I don’t know if I would want to eat at Morimoto normally — we got to try such a wide range of food, which you would never get to do there unless you were prepared to spend a small fortune. But our waitress was a doll and every single thing we ate out of this world. I would recommend ordering: any of the tartars, the hamachi tacos, the wagyu beef carpaccio, any nigiri, any sake, and the japanese doughnuts for dessert. We also got one round of drinks at the bar before sitting down and they were pretty tasty. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong here. And even a one order of everything with the Gilt voucher would have been amazing — it’s a great gift for any food lover. Enjoy some photos.

IMG_2187{the bar}

IMG_2186{the drinks :: crimson mimosa with blood orange & hana cocktail}

IMG_2188{the sake flight}

IMG_2195{the house salad}

IMG_2190{the bento box, from left to right and top to bottom row :: hamachi ‘pastrami,’ steamed scallop, shrimp nigiri & tamago, spicy edamame, tuna tartar with edamame pesto, tuna pizza, spicy king crab, hamachi taco and wagyu beef carpaccio}

IMG_2192{close-up :: tuna pizza with anchovy aioli, olives & jalapeño}

IMG_2193{my favorite appetizer :: hamachi taco with red onion, micro cilantro, avocado, jalapeño & lime}

IMG_2197{the nigiri}

IMG_2199{the dessert trio, from left to right :: black sesame panna cotta, fudge with liquid & solid caramel, japanese doughnut}

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