Food Feature :: Beretta


Last night my best friends and I scored a somewhat last minute reservation at Beretta in San Francisco. Self-described as “contemporary Italian comfort food,” I was somewhat skeptical — I’m not huge on Italian — but couldn’t ignore the rave reviews and delicious sounding menu items. And it did NOT disappoint. Every single thing we ordered, food or drink, was delicious, different and something I immediately felt (literally, after my first bite) that I would return to eat again. We only ordered antipastis/small plates so didn’t get into any of the pasta or pizza but I’m sure it’s all equally as good. My favorite menu item was the buratta bruschetta on walnut bread with mushroom truffle honey. We ordered it twice it was so good. It was kinda sweet, kinda savory, kinda cheesy, kinda crunchy, kinda soft, kinda everything you want in one bite.

Three items we ordered that I didn’t take pictures of for some reason but were amazing and I’d recommend ordering: cauliflower with pangratatto, capers & sage (I hate capers and I could have eaten a thousand bowls of this dish), zucchini parmigiana with scamorza & basil and the warm marinated olives with citrus. Service was also great, albeit a bit slow — but it was a Saturday night at a popular restaurant in the city so that’s to be expected. The restaurant itself was beautiful, and music (80’s pop) excellent. Also, it turns out, the owners of Beretta also owns Starbelly, Delarosa and Super Duper. They are clearly food geniuses.

IMG_2132{the drink menu}

IMG_2133{the lonsdale :: very light, sweet & refreshing}

IMG_2138{the bayside :: my new favorite drink}

IMG_2137{spicy meatballs antipasti}

IMG_2134{the buratta bruschetta}

IMG_2135{cheers to a great meal.}

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