It Feels Good To Be Home


I spent the better part of today in San Francisco, doing a bit of shopping and eating/drinking exploring. It was a great & gloomy San Francisco day. Plus some new finds: Have you ever heard of Pressed Juicery? It started in LA and has migrated up to the better half of California, with one location recently opened in Noe Valley and one to open in the Ferry Building. I checked out the Noe Valley store today and loved it! Great service – you can go in and sample anything — and great tasting juices for a not totally ridiculous price. I sampled and then bought the Alkalizer (apple, lemon, extra ginger, cayenne) and the Coconut Mint Chip (coconut meat, coconut H20, cinnamon). Alkalizer is super refreshing, cayenne gives it a bit of a kick and Coconut Mint Chip is seriously like a milkshake. Saving it for dessert tonight. No joke. See pics below, plus some other finds and treats.

IMG_2075{I want this book}

IMG_2076{Graffiti, lights & storm clouds in Hayes Valley}

IMG_2078{Delicious drip coffee at Ritual Coffee at Proxy SF}

IMG_2079{Plus cool to go cups to boot}

IMG_2080{One of my favorite things about San Francisco :: constantly discovering street art}

IMG_2084{The Pressed Juicery storefront}

IMG_2085{a.k.a dessert juice.}

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