This Week’s Must Reads

Mostly from the Sunday New York Times, but enjoy…

I didn’t know much about the recent rape case in India, but this article helped: Leaders’ Response Magnifies Outrage in India Rape Case

An interesting take on Michelle Obama, fashion and the evolution of her career as first lady: First in Fashion

Lucky for us, 2013 will be relatively unmarked politically, says NYT op-ed columnist Ross Douthat, meaning that there are no midterm elections next year and 2013 is “as removed as possible” from the trials and tribulations of a presidential election. Thus, Douthat suggests, the new year is the perfect time to expand your reading beyond your political comfort zone/norms and take up something new. How to Read in 2013

Newsweek magazine published its last print issue this week. Sigh. The Spectator asks: Who Killed Newsweek? (And suggests it wasn’t just the internet.)

Missing Homeland? I sure am. Check out Rolling Stone‘s recap of the season two finale. Warning: DO NOT read if you haven’t watched yet! Homeland Finale Recap: Fool Me Once

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