A Paris favorite :: Le Pré Verre

In my European travels, I ate a LOT of good food. A lot. Especially in Paris, where even the most average looking cafe would turn out to be a delicious surprise. My top three favorite meals were a Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall, Pho 67, the best Thai food I’ve ever had (and one of the only restaurants open on Sundays in Paris, if you’re ever searching) at Lao Thai and last but not least, probably the most innovative and amazingly tasty meal I’ve ever had at Le Pré Verre. I highly urge you to check all out all three if you’re ever in Paris. Enjoy a play by play of my meal.

Started off right in French style with some olives and a champy apéritif.

Red bell pepper & raspberry gazpacho with sesame seeds. Look closely and you can see the reflection of our hotel in the soup (conveniently located across the street!)

 Grilled watermelon on top of grilled eggplant with shallot & red curry. Unreal.

Chicken fricassee with ginger, avocado & miscellaneous deliciousness.

Chocolate truffle with molasses ice cream.

Parsley ice cream with marinated strawberries. Sounds gross but blew my tastebuds’ minds.

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