Travelogues :: Prague

I’ve been away from my blog for far too long, but I promise I have a good excuse: I went to Europe. Two weeks of Prague, Krakow and Paris. It was pretty unreal – lots of beautiful cities and parks and gardens and museums, food on food on food, basically just what I do at home but on European steroids. I took more than enough pictures and am sharing them all here.

First up: Prague, the city. Next up: Prague, the food. Enjoy!

The view from the cutest lounge area on the rooftop of our hotel.

One of many amazing views from one of many of Prague’s amazing bridges.

Another view. Gorg.

A city of summer terraces.

And of adorable alley way surprises.

And of a beautiful sky. No filter.

Just as stunning when the sun goes down…

No words, just a great view.

Frank Gehry’s Dancing House & a crazy Praha sky.

A just-married couple enjoys the sun coming up over the city from Charles Bridge.

Left my heart in Prague.

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