Foodlogues :: Prague

As promised…the best food of Prague. I was pleasantly surprised by how good and varied the food there was — I was expecting mostly meat, potatoes and beer and not much else. But Prague totally wowed me foodwise. Czech it out.

My first Prague meal: grilled sausage with ketchup and mustard. Sounds boring, right? Not even. A close second to the best sausage I’ve ever had (which comes later in this post, keep your sausage panties on), not to mention the mustard and ketchup was about 1000 times better than anything in America. It was also at this great beer garden literally on the riverbank — just picnic tables and umbrellas, good food and beer. What else do you need?

Beers and view enjoyed with above snausage. Staropramen is their version of Coors or something so it wasn’t that great, but the general surroundings made it taste great.

Toasted Poilane (famous French bakery) bread with baked got cheese, some sort of lettuce, caramel walnut and oregano. Magic at Cafe Savoy.

Cafe Savoy’s fruit dumplings (that’s a whole apricot inside, it’s whatever)…

With toppings! Powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, sour cream & chocolate. PS: this is a main dish, not dessert. Prague knows what’s up.

Welcome to Bakeshop. Baked goods, coffee, prepared salads, sammies, errythang.

Plus delicious coffee in an awesome cup.

One day we stumbled upon this precious brewery, on top of a hill next to a monastery of all things.

I tried their wheat beer, which was great. We also ordered a beer-baked sausage which was UNREAL. I didn’t take a picture of it because it didn’t look too attractive, to be honest. But the flavor was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted — a more complex barbeque sauce with a subtle hint of dark beer, slathered on and baked into tasty sausage. Definitely the best sausage I’ve ever had.

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