Feature :: loló

Last night I went to dinner at loló, a Mexican-fusion small plates type place in the Mission in San Francisco. Holy noms. Thank god I was with three friends, so we had every excuse to try a bunch of stuff between the four of us. Almost everything on the menu looked amazing, and it’s a pretty big menu to boot, so we really had to buckle down. We ordered the three things below, plus two other items that weren’t too spectacular so I didn’t include pictures (Squash Blossom Quesadillas and Pistachio Encrusted Seared Salmon). Wouldn’t recommend ordering those two dishes. But let’s not dwell on that because I’m salivating just thinking about everything else I ate.

First up: the restaurant itself is forking adorable. Fun, quirky decor. See the bar above.

Drinks on drinks. If only I hadn’t been driving and I would have tried a lot more than just red wine, but it was tasty. Maybe next time I’ll dabble in their agave bar…

Our first plate arrives, “Tuna Tacon,” Seared albacore tuna, shellfish aioli, avocado & roasted tomatillo sauce on the side. The fact that this came first was both a blessing and curse, because it turned out to be my favorite plate out of the entire meal. So I was wowed at first bite and simultaneously, the bar was set incredibly high. The tuna and tortillas were delicious, but the sauces really did me in. Plus, it was the perfect proportion and interaction of flavors – you somehow tasted everything individually and together all at once and everything went perfectly together. Don’t ask me how it makes sense. It doesn’t.  Seriously the best taco I’ve ever had.

This bad boy came in a close second. It was a special – soft shell crab tacos with I don’t remember what magic sauce and toppings. I’m a crab friend so that really hit the spot for me. Again, those flour tortillas – I’m not really a fan normally, but loló’s are amazeballs.

Can you say sliders? Or more specifically, lamb sliders on a brioche bun with porcini mushroom sauce and a good old fashioned jalapeño stuck in the middle? Redunk. A bit rich for my taste, but still delicious. Shoestring fries at the other end weren’t that great but I really didn’t need them anyway, all things considered.

And…our check came in the cutest mini boot ever. Plus, the damage wasn’t even that bad given the amount of food we ordered. Service was wonderful, staff quick and friendly as well. All in all a great experience that I can’t wait to repeat.

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