News Roundup

Wasup in the world this week? #newsroundup

I get pretty sick of reading the same recycled story about all the issues going on in higher education right now – budget cuts, student debt, lack of jobs, etcetcetc. However, there’s a reason these issues return again and again: exactly because they are that big of issues. They’re very present and very real. But I do appreciate when reporters find a new angle or a new way to write about the same story. Check out this New York Times article: Slowly, as Student Debt Rises, Colleges Confront Costs

Also from NYT, a book review on an interesting new book on the effects of our tech-addictions that I am going to add to my ever-growning “To Read” list: When You Text Till You Drop

Obama gave Barnard College’s commencement address today. Read the transcript here, or a quick summary here.

Sad you missed Coachella? Went and are having withdrawals already? No fear, advance passes go on sale Thursday.

Newsweek this week: The First Gay President

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