Walking On A Dream

Good morning! If you didn’t know already, Walking On A Dream by Empire of the Sun is one of the greatest songs ever. It also reminds me of Coachella (I think everything this week and last is going to somehow find a way remind me that I’m NOT at Coachella). Last year, I thought I missed their performance – I walked up to the stage right as I heard them say, “Thank you so much, that was our last song, we’ll see you next time.” Bummer. Oh wait, they’re going to do an encore? Guess what song they’re going to play? Yup. Coachella magic. One of my favorite memories to this day.

Wonderful to wake up to, jam to, run to, drink to, anything to. Get your morning going and check out a couple rexmies as well.

My love for Walking on A Dream is also why The Thrill is my favorite Wiz song. I nearly melted into the ground when he played too last year at Coachella. I had fantasies about Empire of the Sun and Wiz somehow performing together, but I guess the folks over at Coachella were too busy preparing to resurrect Tupac from the grave…

I’m sure you’ve heard it already, but turn it up and enjoy it anyway. Cause I said so.

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