Superfood Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

I found this recipe on Pinterest the other day for a tasty looking salad. Just so turned out I had all the necessary ingredients tonight, so I made it for dinner! Plus I added some of my own twists. Basically all you need is quinoa, lemon/garlic/olive oil/salt n pepa for the vinaigrette, and then you can add in whatever veggies and protein tickle your fancy.

I started by cooking 1 cup of dry quinoa (but only ended up using a little more than a 1/2 cup)

While the quinoa was cooking, I made the lemon vinaigrette: two lemons, two minced garlic cloves, a little salt and pepper, a dash of agave nectar and 6 tablespoons of olive oil (next time, I’d probably only use 4 or 5. It was a little liquidy.)

Threw some leftover black bean, garbanzo, cucumber, tomato & mint salad in a bowl…

Mixed it all together with some roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, plus some cooked shrimp and called it a day.

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