LA Eats :: Ramen

After a sudden bout of strange cold-like symptoms that attacked my body this week, I was left feeling sad, tired, and in need of some really good soup. My roommate suggested we get some Japanese ramen noodles, something I’ve never tried before. We headed downtown to Hakata Ramen Shin-Sen-Gumi (say that three times fast!) and my first ramen experience was a total hit. There was a wait list at this place on a MONDAY night, if that tells you anything. Luckily, it moved fast and we were seated within five minutes at a communal table with lots of people slurping noodlez. Usually I hate communal tables, but it had some sort of fun-new-eating-experience charm.

Don’t know how to order ramen? Didn’t even know it was that complex? Hakata Ramen is there to help you! You just check a bunch of boxes based on what you want and voila, a steaming bowl of delicious, custom-made-for-your-mouth ramen. I got the soup base with normal noodles, strong flavor, spinach, bean sprouts, poached egg, and shrimp wontons.

One comment

  1. Looks sooo gooddddd! I want to find that in nyc 🙂 Also, your superfood salad looks amazing! I’m going to try it!

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