News Roundup

Federal budget cuts means that many students won’t be able to afford the cost of AP tests this year. Whoa. Read up.

NYT :: Cuts Threaten Access to College Placement Tests

In the college sphere, Cal Grants were in trouble last week, but the cuts were rejected — a lot due to student and faculty protest in Sacramento.

Cal Grant cuts rejected by finance panel

USC Students Oppose Cuts to Cal Grants

Did you hear anything a couple weeks ago about the awful working conditions in Apple’s factories in China? Turns out a story done by Mike Daisey (who is actually not a journalist, but a monologist/actor/author) on the conditions wasn’t completely true. Pretty cray. Check out an episode of “This American Life” on what happened, and some other articles.

This American Life :: Retracting “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory”

Don’t overlook Mike Daisey’s bigger point about Apple

Mike Daisey vs. Jason Russell: When the storymakers overtake the story

PS – if you don’t know who Jason Russell is, you need to a) watch the Kony2012 video and b) know that he was arrested this past week and then hospitalized. Yikes.



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