Fave Photo Apps

…stolen from a rando cute design website I stumbled upon on Pinterest called Rhonna Designs. The only one I would add is Camera Plus. It manages to top Instagram sometimes (yeah, I said it)– basically you can take a photo and it automatically saves it in your “lightbox” so you can return to edit with filters, borders, play around with light, etc. and take many photos at once so you don’t have to take one and edit right away. Really cool filters too.

Read the Rhonna Designs post below.

I’ve had lots of questions about HOW I edit my photos that I post on Instagram, Twitter Facebook. So, rather than copying & pasting my responses to hundreds of ya..I figured a blog post was in order. So…I’m sharing my TOP TEN fave photo apps!
My phone camera is one of my fave Creativity Tools I use everyday with my Creativity Exercises…seriously…this has changed my creative life! So, I’m always thinking of ways to capture, create & then share…in real time!
1. Instagram~ free
Pros: My fave place/community to upload. Yes, I’ve tried other communities, like Hipstamatic, My365, etc…but, this feels like my home. I love the filters, friends, etc. So…I go through various other apps to get the look I want & eventually post them to IG (Instagram) in the end.
Come & follow me: @RhonnaFarrer
Cons: limited in versatility…not type/text. but, hey…it’s free!
2. Picture Show~ $1.99
Pros: Best bang for your buck.  If you only want to purchase one extra app, this is my fave. You can add bokeh, fab frames, text, tons of filters, light leaks, crop, noise, blur, and more. I had this one for a long time & it did everything I wanted, but then I ventured out for more fun.
Cons: hmm…i can’t find one..i really love this one!
3. Phonto~ free
Pros: Best Font/Type/Text app I’ve found…it has TONS of various fonts & you can change colors, tilts, fonts, sizes AND the opacity…which is fab to me. I love this one!
Cons: again…can’t find any. I am really happy with this one!
4. PicFrame~ $.99
Pros:  This is the app I use to create diptychs, triptychs, & split them up to make collages.  I know there are other apps like this, but this is the first one I got & didn’t feel the need to buy more that does basically the same thing…You can round corners, change the color of the  frame & move the size of the frames.
Cons: only about 20 various frames…I know some apps have more options…but, hey! It works for me!
5. Labelbox~ $.99
Pros: Ok…for the dymo label look, masking tape, scotch tape….this is great. You can buy *add-on* tapes for $.99 cents more, too! I bought the set with the doily tape in it & I love it!
Cons: I’m not fond of the fonts/text that comes with it…so, I add my own in some. (i.e. Me no likey the ‘light’ font on the below pic…I was learning at the time! LOL)
6. Lenslight~ $.99
Pros: This is a VERY fun light app. I’m talking, various bokeh, lens flares, light leaks, cloud rays, sparkles, halo rings…& even the sun, moon, lightning & rain. You can add 1 on top of the other & even adjust the opacity..I love that about this app!
Cons: Not much to complain about on this one..I’ve been very happy!
7. Filter Mania~ free
Pros: This one is FAB! It has very unique frames, filters & lighting.  Some a little over the top, but really  cool ones! (The above wings & crown is one of them~ And this TIME photo…see the grungey/words in it? Yea..it’s this app! cool, huh?)
Cons: Since the filters are so funky…they don’t look good on all photos…but, it’s fun to experiment!
8. Maskingtape~$.99
Pros: This is one of my faves to add a little *flair* to my photos. With the swipe of your finger, you have TONS of washi/decorative tapes in tons of colors. To ‘undo’ you just double tap & *poof* it’s gone!
Cons: Not a one, IMHO.
9. Pixlromatic/ Picture Magic~ both free. both equally used by me.
Pros: I had to lump these together because I really couldn’t pick one or the other…they are both for the same thing: cool frames, light filters, and bokeh… And I have found that there are specific frames or lightings that I like for certain photos in each of the apps.
…but, I do have to say, I think I like Pixlromatic a tidge better….see for yourself..they are both free…come on…have some fun!
Cons: Picture Magic seems to freeze more for me…ugh. And, when you open it up it ALWAYS asks if you want to buy the full version. Gets a little buggy.
10. Picfx~ $1.99
Pros: Fab frames, cross processes, vintage & classic filters, & I am in LOVE with the bokeh filters…they are giving Lens Light a run for their money! One of my fave things is: You can rotate the bokeh filters…I haven’t found that in any other Light app!
Cons: The ONLY thing I wish it would do is give you the ability to adjust the Opacity levels in the lights.
‘das all.

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