News Roundup

I’ve been so caught up with my not-so-casual obsession with photography and food that I’ve neglected the more serious  side of Burritos & Mosquitos. Back after much popular demand (not), is #newsroundup! All the big and interesting tidbits of news going on this week, conveniently placed here for you. Read, think, enjoy!

:: NATION ::

NYT – Justices Take Up Race as a Factor in College Entry. This one is a doozy. Affirmative action kind of seems like a thing of the past to me, but the Supreme Court is going to hear a big case related to race-conscious admissions at the University of Texas. Could have HUGE implications for universities and grad schools and students of all races.

:: LOCAL ::

 Daily Trojan – Los Angeles should not redraw District 9Oops. Tootin’ my own horn a bit here, but I wrote an opinion piece on redistricting in LA. It’s actually a really big deal and shows a lot of the deep divides between SC and the surrounding community. Pay attention.

:: HEALTH ::

Today, the FDA will review Qnexa, possibly making it the first new FDA-approved weight loss drug since 1999: Weight-Loss Drug Qnexa Under FDA Safety ReviewWould you take it if approved?

:: EAT ::

NYT – Pie Fidelity. Just a well-written piece about pie. Nothing more, nothing less. Boom.

:: WATCH ::

Yay! NBC’s Community comes back in a couple weeks. Get all the deets here. Community Returns on March 15 

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