Netizen Revolt

A new kind of protest rose to the ranks this week against the unpopular SOPA bill, since dubbed by the New York Times a “netizen revolt”. I’m into it!

If you were hiding under a rock the past couple of days, two previously obscure online anti-piracy bills were strongly denounced both in person and online. Yet the online revolt was what the world noticed: Google, Wikipedia, the famous b&m and many more (apparently about 75,000 websites total) all had some kind of protest, either blacking out their site completely or displaying a “Stop Censorship” banner/some sort of informational protest urging people to sign petition against the bill or contact their local gov’t representatives. Kind of cool, huh? Crazy to think how much our lives are online now– even the way we protest is going digital.

I read this NYT piece this morning (where I got the “netizen revolt” phrase), worth a read.

In Fight Over Piracy Bills, New Economy Rises Against Old

And because I know all the newsy thangz before even the New York Times, I wrote this kind of filler piece for USC’s the Daily Trojan (our student newspaper) this week on using social media more. Check it out if you want. Not my best work (again, filler piece to make up for the lack of SC opinion writers – if you’re reading this and you go to USC, write for the DT opinion section!) so don’t judge.

Phone apps inspire new connection

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