Playlist: Avicii

Who’s going to the Avicii concert tomorrow in San Francisco???? I am! And I couldn’t be more excited. He’s playing at  the Warfield, a pretty great venue, and apparently the one show they planned at 11 PM sold out super fast style so he’s playing TWO shows – one at 7:30 and one at 11. Holy pants and shirts! I wish I could go to both. Anyway, if you’re going, if you’re not, if you’re jealous and want to pretend you’re there – here’s some of the best of Avicii.

Two classics, can’t go wrong – Levels and Fade Into Darkness. I won’t post any remixes cause I’m sticking to straightup Avicii, but the Skrillex remix of Levels, a Levels mashup with Tim Berg called “Levels You Seek” and the Alex Prigenzi Edit of Fade Into Darkness are all worth a listen.

And a couple more originals – My Feelings For You and Enough is Enough.

And three of my favorite remixes – Sweet Dreams, Escape Me, and I’m Coming Home.


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