News Roundup

Happy Monday! The beginning of a new week means catching up on all the important things you checked out from over the weekend. Luckily, I’m on winter break so that means absolutely nothing related to schoolwork, but I do like to catch up on recent news. Lots of people may not share my enthusiasm for reading the newspaper/staying up on the world’s happenings, so I thought I’d throw together some articles so you can feel like you’re in the loop too! #newsroundup

Supreme Court to Rule on Immigration Law in Arizona – Wow. This is huge. If you don’t know – basically, Arizona imposed some CRAZY immigration laws this year. I’m pretty liberal minded and fall on the liberal side of the anti-immigration debate, so I think that taking Arizona to the SC is a great thing and hopefully will mean the end of the state law. Immigration needs a lot of work in our country, but allowing cops to arrest people based on “probable cause” (aka, racial profiling anyone?) that they’re an illegal immigrant just isn’t even close to a solution.

President Obama: The economy, the Congress, the future – prezzy gets grilled on what he’s done in office and re-election. interesante.

The Birth of Self-Guided Education (the only real option left) – If you live in California and you’re a student, you might have noticed our public higher education system totally falling apart this year. Not to mention – did you hear that the job market sucks and when you graduate you’re going to hole up in an unemployed cave with only your parents for company?! What it all adds up to is that the usual college/education path, even done extraordinarily well, does not guarantee results anymore. Where does that leave us? My friend posted this interesting article on “self-guided” education. Worth a read and some serious thinking.

The Daily Beast – the first news website I check when I wake up in the morning. Peruse at your #leisure


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