Facebook HQ sneak preview

Das right. This past weekend, I went home to the Bay Area – the great Menlo Park to be exact – and attended a sneak preview of the new Facebook headquarters with my dad. He’s the planning commissioner for the city, so he’s been working with Facebook a lot on getting stuff approved for their huge, amazing new compound.

The building itself isn’t anything special, but they’re remodeling a lot of it to make it as impressive as you would expect the Facebook headquarters to be. Right now, only about 100 employees are working there, but there’s the building I saw, plus one across the street (that will be connected by tunnel). Combined, both sites will house about 8,000 employees. WOWSA.

The workspace itself is incredibly open – no one has a private office. Everything is about non-hierarchial, open communication. You have an idea for a great program? Build it and show it to Mark. You have something you want to say? Stand up and say it. Or just write it on the wall (see photos below). The whole thing is incredibly forward thinking and cool. Not to mention they have vending machines where you can get anything from brand new headphones to a keyboard for free (see photos). It’s whatever.

All in all, it’s super exciting for my home city of Menlo Park. Facebook is doing a great job of working with the city early on as well. It’s pretty epic, has the potential to transform the whole place!

Here’s an article from the local newspaper on FB’s move to Menlo: Facebook packs up for Menlo Park

Enjoy a slideshow of the whole thang, plus the tasty treats served at the event. Don’t worry – the desserts were made by Facebook’s own pastry chef. Again, it’s whatever.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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