Online education needs connection

Remember in high school when everyone freaked because teachers started using smartboards in class? Technology-based education is on the rise, and bringing up many issues about not just technology in the classroom, but also beyond the classroom, online.

I’ve only ever taken one hybrid service learning class at USF that combined in-class instruction twice a week, plus a once-a-week class on Blackboard. It was pretty cool. I always appreciate when teachers fully utilize Blackboard and various technologies in class as well. So lots of people are in favor of taking education completely online, whereas others argue there’s no replacing the value of the traditional face-to-face educational experience. I think both sides are right– there are strengths to both, so why not combine the two instead of flat out rejecting either/or? Whatchu think?

Check out my Daily Trojan column this week for some further thoughtz. Online education needs connection

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