Some food for thought

No, no food pictures. Don’t worry though – more on that later. Instead, here are some interesting news articles from the weekend (including one by yours truly) that I enjoyed and think you might too. Check them out!

A great look at how our country talks/should be talking about illegal immigration, esp. the media’s role in shaping that conversation. By Jorge Antonio Vargas, the incredibly successful journalist who publicly came out earlier this year as an illegal immigrant: \”View From Somewhere\” – A real conversation on immigration

From the New York Times, a piece on doctors’ fervent opposition (they are even taking legal action) to nurses calling themselves “doctor”: When the Nurse Wants to be Called Doctor

Have you heard about occupy Wall Street? So cool! Reminds me of 15-M in Madrid. Hope it gains momentum and becomes a bigger thing.

Last but not least, a look at No Child Left Behind: Reforms to No Child Left Behind are positive

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