New educational paths should be taken

While contemplating what to write about for my next Daily Trojan article, I started thinking about the multitude and diversity of life and educational paths all my friends are taking. I think more of them are taking extra semesters/quarters/years than finishing on time, almost all of them have or are spending time abroad, and many are considering taking time off of school to work in an environment that speaks much more to them than school. Coming from an incredibly academic family– both my parents have pHd’s and my mom is a professor at UC Santa Cruz– it took me awhile to understand that there’s so many more paths to take than just going to school for four years, graduating, getting a job, going to more school, etc. That path isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be. I think it’s really great that it’s slowly but surely becoming more common and more acceptable to extend or adapt your educational path to whatever suits you best.

Check out my article for the full story: New educational paths should be taken


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