The Ruben Salazar Project

Last semester, I was lucky enough to score an internship with a PBS documentary project on Ruben Salazar, a Mexican-American LA Times journalist who was killed in 1970 by an L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy. The details surrounding his death are hazy, leading many to believe that he was killed on purpose. Salazar’s death made him a martyr for the Chicano rights movement, members of whom it is hard to believe his death might have actually just been an accident.

No matter what the circumstances of his death, it’s a story worth knowing about. I had never even heard his name before I worked on the project, and although I gained journalistic work experience that I really value, I above all appreciated getting to know more about such an important story that many think is stagnant and no longer relevant, but holds true intrigue and a deep complexity that really does matter today.

Check out the project’s Facebook page here.

And a recent LA Times article here.

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