The UC Sitch

I don’t attend a University of California, but MANY of my friends do. My mom is also a professor at UC Santa Cruz. Pretty much everyone I know at any of the UC’s has been directly affected in the past couple of years by the infamous budget cuts. Classes cut, tuition increases, being forced to change majors, graduation plans put on hold, debt to the ceiling. Although my personal education and life hasn’t been impacted, the situation at the UC campuses really interests me. I’ve been lucky enough to attend two private universities (undergrad, NYU and USC) without such problems, but I still honestly feel outraged that its become a norm for UC students to deal with these kind of issues.

I love California and am proud of my home state for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that we have such an incredible set of high quality, affordable public institutions that so so many people (both Californians and those who do pay a hefty fee for hailing from outside of the Golden State) attend and love. It’s unbelievable to me that such a valuable system is pretty much falling apart. I have no idea what kind of solution will get the UC’s out of this mess and I won’t pretend like I even have any suggestions, but I do hope that that the more debate and visibility there is, the quicker the excellent level of UC living — academic, social, professional, everything– that is truly integral to the UC system, will be restored. Again, I’m not exactly directly involved, but think it’s important to stay up to date on the UC sitch.

Check out this statement from three members of the UC Academic Council l on “preserving quality” at the UC’s:

Statement from Three Members of Academic Council on Preserving Quality

Most recently, the California State University Board of Trustees just approved a 12 percent increase in tuition for this fall. Student tuition increases are also being considered. The hikes would help offset $1.3 billion in state funding cuts to higher education. For more info, the KQED radio show where I interned last year, Forum, did a piece on the hikes:

Forum: UC Tuition Hikes

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